Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Web Site Launches for AYSO Area 10/Q

A new web site officially launched today for AYSO Area 10/Q. The site can be reached at http://www.area10.org, and marks a departure from the "free" Clubspaces service that the Area used to utilize.

The decision to move the site was in part related to Clubspaces' decision about a year ago to blast viewers of the site with ads from that Clubspaces apparently sold to their advertisers, and then pocketed the money to defray their costs (and make a buck).

The new site is hosted on the Area Director's own server, and is paid for through his financial support (costing the Area nothing).

The Area will sell advertising on the site to benefit the Area's programs, training, and players.

The new site is built in Joomla!, an open source content management system that is easier to use, and more reliable than the Clubspaces platform, and features a calendar that is hosted by Google. The system allows contributors to the site to submit articles directly through the site, and to update the calendar though Google Calendars.

AYSO Area 10/Q serves the approximately 6,000 youth soccer players, and approximately 2,000 volunteers that bring these programs to the kids. Area 10/Q is made up of six regions, head lead by a Regional Commissioner and a Regional Board, who have primary responsibility for delivering world class soccer programs that enrich children's lives. AYSO is defined by it's six philosophies of Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development.

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