Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Club & AYSO Participation

The SLOSC Coaching Staff has amended our AYSO participation policy for club players in our 2010 Season. We have given a lot of thought to what makes the most sense. Please see recommendations for our players at SLOSC, should they be available, interested or selected to AYSO and All-Stars.

U9-U10 Strong Recommendation for AYSO participation and All-Stars (if selected). No Restrictions.

No club league play at YDA level.

U11-U13 Allowed AYSO participation (with condition that club events have priority) and All Stars (if selected)

and only if club team does not compete in Cal South State Cup. State Cup decision by August 1. We

will provide a detailed description of what State Cup entails to our club players. Please refer to our

parent/player manual on our website www.slosoccer.com for details.

U14 Special allowance for participation based on some players starting high school in September.

Transitional Team by definition. Recommended those players entering grades 7 & 8, play AYSO (with

condition that club events have priority) and unrestricted All-Stars (if selected) and/or other sports and

activities during the high school winter sports season.

U15-U18 No AYSO Participation.

We really want to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with AYSO... it is a great feeder system for us and we are hoping our policies make sense and will be viewed as a positive step towards that relationship. We also are looking for ways to promote soccer at an early age... and develop passion and enjoyment... without over exposure to the game. We fully understand that individual opinions and choices are many... and vary greatly. This is what we see working best.

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