Monday, August 10, 2009

AYSO Area Coach Camp

Area Coach CampFeaturing "THE" AYSO National Coach, John Ouellette; AYSO National Coaching Commission Chair, Hugh McLeish; AYSO Soccer Camps Liason, Bill Finkel; and the Cal Poly Men's and Women's Soccer Teams and Coaches

What: Essential training for AYSO Coaches
When: August 14-16, 2009
Where: Dunn School, in Santa Ynez
Why: Because the kids deserve the best coach you can be, and you deserve the best coach training there is!
Who: All AYSO coaches, assistant coaches, and prospective coaches.\
How: Check with your region to see if reimbursement of course expenses is reimburseable! Sign up through eAYSO now:

For additional information contact Barbara Haig, Area Coach Administrator.

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