Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Mens Soccer League for 35+

New Soccer League for Men 35 and older

CCSoccer Mens 35+ is a new soccer league designed to be fun for men 35 years and over that want to play soccer. Our goal is a recreational league where you can showcase your skills without worrying about missing work the next day! The rules will create an environment that will be more aggressive than co-ed, but not as cut throat as the competitive men’s leagues in the area.

Individuals can sign up, and you can group yourself with up to 4 others you want to play with. Each season we will mix up the teams, keeping with the recreational spirit of the league.

Games will be played at Damon Garcia in SLO on Thursday Evenings starting August 5th.

For more info, log into and check out CCSoccer Mens 35+!

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