Sunday, July 11, 2010

Region 77 Brings It Home to AYSO Area 10/Q

Congratulations to Lompoc, Region 77, U12G, for bringing it home in the AYSO National Games Championship Game!

Today's victory comes in a 2 -1 win over Boynton Beach, FL. The games were played at the Polo Grounds in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Every two years AYSO teams from around the country are selected for invitation to the AYSO National Games. This year, three teams from Area 10/Q were selected, and two were able to accept these invitations, both from Lompoc, Region 77, a U10G team and a U12G team.

Before the National Games competition began, the players participated in a soccer-fest, playing in pickup teams with players from around the country. The soccer-fest is often a highlight for the players who attend the AYSO National Games.

This year, all the pieces came together for the Lompoc U12G team, putting them in second place in their pool, and providing them an opportunity to advance to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and ultimately to the championship game.

Nice work ladies! Congratulations to each of you!